The 5 Most Iconic Beauty Looks of the 20th Century

AAnnabelle September 8, 2023 9:16 PM

When it comes to beauty trends, the 20th century was a time of constant change and evolution. From the classic red lips of the 1950s to the bold eye makeup of the 1980s, each decade brought with it a unique look that has since become iconic. Let's take a trip down memory lane and revisit the five most iconic beauty looks of the 20th century.

1920s: The Flapper Look

The 1920s, often referred to as the 'Roaring Twenties', was a time of change and liberation for women, and this was reflected in the beauty trends of the time. The flapper look, characterized by bold, dark eyes, thin eyebrows, and cupid's bow lips, became the epitome of the period's glamour. Icons like Louise Brooks and Greta Garbo brought this look to the silver screen, influencing women worldwide.

1950s: The Hollywood Glamour

The 1950s, often called the 'Golden Age of Hollywood', brought a new level of sophistication and glamour to the world of beauty. The defining look of this era was characterized by crimson red lips, a flawless complexion, and carefully arched eyebrows. It was all about a polished and feminine look, with Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor considered the beauty style icons of their time.

1960s: The Mod Look

The 1960s was a time of drastic change. With the rise of the 'mod' subculture, beauty trends took a bold turn. The mod look, characterized by thick, winged eyeliner, pale lips, and geometric hairstyles, became popular among young women. Style icons like Twiggy and Audrey Hepburn were pivotal in popularizing this look.

1970s: The Natural Look

The 1970s was known as the 'Age of Aquarius', a time of rebellion and self-expression. The natural look, characterized by minimal makeup, freckles, and long, flowing hair, became the epitome of beauty. Icons like Farrah Fawcett and Ali MacGraw embodied this effortless, natural beauty.

1980s: The Bold Look

The 1980s were all about excess, and this extended to beauty trends as well. The bold look, marked by highly saturated eyeshadow, bright blush, and big hair, defined this decade. Icons like Madonna and Cindy Crawford rocked this look, making it unforgettable.

To provide a visual representation, here is a table summarizing these iconic beauty looks:

Decade Iconic Look Signature Features Style Icons
1920s The Flapper Look Bold eyes, thin eyebrows, cupid's bow lips Louise Brooks, Greta Garbo
1950s The Hollywood Glamour Red lips, flawless complexion, arched eyebrows Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor
1960s The Mod Look Winged eyeliner, pale lips, geometric hairstyles Twiggy, Audrey Hepburn
1970s The Natural Look Minimal makeup, freckles, long flowing hair Farrah Fawcett, Ali MacGraw
1980s The Bold Look Bright eyeshadow, bright blush, big hair Madonna, Cindy Crawford

These iconic beauty looks not only defined their respective decades but also continue to inspire beauty trends to this day. They remind us of the transformative power of makeup and how it can be a tool for self-expression and confidence.

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