Modern beauty standards: The push for diversity and inclusion

AAnnabelle September 5, 2023 7:02 AM

In recent years, the beauty industry has been undergoing a transformation. A push towards more diversity and inclusion is challenging traditional beauty standards and redefining what 'beautiful' means. This shift is not only welcomed but necessary, given the rich tapestry of people and cultures worldwide.

Changing beauty standards

The once standardized and often unattainable vision of beauty is gradually being upturned. Many people, especially women, have long been subjected to beauty standards that are not reflective of their unique beauty. The 'ideal' body type, skin color, hair texture, and even age are all being challenged. As a result, the concept of 'beauty' is becoming more inclusive and diverse.

The role of body positivity

The body positivity movement has played a significant part in this shift towards diversity. The movement encourages people to embrace their bodies, irrespective of societal standards. It promotes the idea that all bodies are beautiful, leading to increased representation of different body types in the beauty and fashion industries. Plus size models, in particular, are becoming more visible.

The growth of diverse beaut brands

In response to this demand for diversity, many beauty brands are adopting more inclusive practices. Brands are expanding their product ranges to cater to a wider variety of skin tones and types. They are also showcasing a more diverse range of models in their marketing campaigns. A few notable brands leading the way in inclusivity include:

  • Fenty Beauty: Rihanna's makeup line made waves when it launched with 40 foundation shades, setting a new standard in the industry.

  • Dove: Known for its 'Real Beauty' campaign, Dove championed diversity and body positivity long before it was a trend.

  • Glossier: This brand emphasizes natural beauty and has a diverse range of models across different ages, sizes, and ethnicities.

While there is still a long way to go, these changes in the industry are a step in the right direction. Over time, it is hoped that beauty standards will continue to evolve, reflecting the diversity and rich cultures that make up our world. It is a movement that goes beyond the surface, promoting a more inclusive, diverse, and real interpretation of beauty.

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