Best 3 day-trip ideas from New York City

LLucille October 2, 2023 12:36 PM

Just because you're in New York City, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a quick escape from the urban jungle. Whether you're a local looking for a change of scenery or a tourist wanting to see more than just the Big Apple, these day-trip ideas are sure to provide a breath of fresh air. So, grab your travel bag, let's dive into these adventurous getaways.

1. The Hamptons, New York

No list of New York day trips would be complete without mentioning the Hamptons. This swanky seaside area is the go-to spot for New Yorkers looking for a quick retreat from the city's hustle and bustle. It's not just about beach lounging, though. The Hamptons also offer a great selection of high-end boutiques, top-rated restaurants, and art galleries.

Travel time from NYC: Approximately 2 hours by car.

2. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

For the history buffs, a day trip to Philadelphia is a must. As the birthplace of American democracy, this city is brimming with historic sites. From the Liberty Bell to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, there's plenty to keep you busy. Don't forget to try the famous Philly cheesesteak while you're there!

Travel time from NYC: Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes by train.

3. Hudson Valley, New York

If you're into nature and wine, Hudson Valley should be on your list. This scenic area is home to a plethora of vineyards, hiking trails, and farms. It's the perfect spot for a romantic getaway or a family-friendly trip.

Travel time from NYC: Approximately 2 hours by car.

If you have a little more time, why not turn these day trips into weekend getaways? There's plenty to explore in these destinations, so take your time and soak it all in. Happy traveling!

Destination Travel Time by Car Travel Time by Train
The Hamptons 2 hours -
Philadelphia - 1 hour 30 minutes
Hudson Valley 2 hours -

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