A Journey through Time: 4 Vintage Beauty Trends Revived

LLucille September 19, 2023 6:36 PM

In the world of beauty, everything old eventually becomes new again. The allure of vintage glamour is undeniable, and fashion and beauty trends from the past often resurface in modern incarnals. Let's dive into a beautiful past and explore 4 classic beauty trends that have been revived and are making a huge comeback.

Roaring Twenties Glamour

One of the most glamorous eras in history, the 1920s, saw some striking beauty trends that have made their way back into the beauty scene. The signature look was bold and dramatic, with heavily kohl-rimmed eyes, thin and downward curving eyebrows, and dark red lips. The aim was to create a porcelain doll look, which was considered extremely fashionable back then. Today, a modern version of this look is often seen on the red carpet or in high fashion editorials, with celebrities and models sporting smoky eyes and bold lip colors.

Classic Hollywood Glamour

The Classic Hollywood era is known for its iconic beauties such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, who showcased timeless and elegant beauty trends. The classic red lip, winged eyeliner, and perfect skin defined this era's look, and continue to be popular in today's beauty world. From Youtube beauty gurus to Hollywood celebrities, the classic Hollywood glamour look is still a go-to for many.

60s Mod Style

The 60s were all about the Mod look. Think Twiggy with her dramatic cut-crease eyeshadow, bold lashes, and pale lips. This trend was all about the eyes, and the look involved creating a 'doll-like' effect with heavy mascara and false lashes. Today, the cut crease has made a huge comeback, and the use of false lashes has never been more popular.

Retro 80s Neon

The 80s were all about color and drama. Bright neon eyeshadow, bold blush, and frosted lipstick were the trends that defined this era. While the full-on 80s look might be a bit too much for everyday wear, elements of this trend have made a comeback. Neon eyeshadow palettes are now commonplace in makeup stores, and a pop of bright blush is often seen on the runway.

Vintage Trend Key Elements Modern Take
Roaring Twenties Glamour Kohl-rimmed eyes, thin eyebrows, dark red lips Smoky eyes, bold lip colors
Classic Hollywood Glamour Red lip, winged eyeliner, perfect skin Red lip, winged eyeliner
60s Mod Style Cut-crease eyeshadow, bold lashes, pale lips Cut crease, false lashes
Retro 80s Neon Neon eyeshadow, bold blush, frosted lipstick Neon eyeshadow, pop of bright blush

As we've seen, many of the beauty trends of the past have been revived and updated for the modern woman. So, next time you're looking for some makeup inspiration, why not look to the past?

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