6 Forgotten Vintage Hairstyles Making a Comeback

AAnnabelle October 12, 2023 7:01 AM

Vintage is back in vogue, and the beauty industry is no exception. Reviving classic hairstyles, from the bob cut to glamorous waves, has been a trend on the rise in the recent years. In this article, we're going to explore six forgotten vintage hairstyles that are making a comeback, offering you a blend of nostalgia and fresh inspiration for your next hair transformation.

The Bob Cut

The bob cut, first made popular in the 1920s, is making a comeback. The classic bob is a short haircut that typically ends around the jaw level. Its simplicity and elegance make it a versatile choice for many modern women.

How to style: Start with damp hair, apply a volumizing mousse, and blow-dry while using a round brush to create a smooth finish. For a more retro look, create a deep side part and tuck one side behind your ear.

Victory Rolls

Victory Rolls are a hallmark of the 1940s. Named after the aerobatic maneuver, these voluminous curls were a popular hairstyle during World War II and are making a comeback.

How to style: Use a rat tail comb to section off a chunk of hair at the top of your head. Use hair spray for hold and curl the section towards the scalp, pinning it in place. Repeat this process with the rest of the hair.

The Beehive

This towering hairstyle, popular in the 1960s, is named after its resemblance to an actual beehive. The beehive can add drama and height to any look.

How to style: Back-comb your hair at the roots to create volume, then smooth over the top layer and shape it into a beehive. Use hairpins to secure and hairspray to set.

The Shag

The shag hairstyle, popularized in the 1970s, is a layered haircut that adds a rock 'n' roll vibe to any look. Its messy, carefree nature makes it a favorite among the younger generation.

How to style: After washing your hair, apply some volumizing mousse and let your hair air dry. Use your fingers to tousle your hair for a messy finish.

Finger Waves

Originating from the 1920s, Finger Waves are a classic style that adds a touch of elegance to any look. They are particularly popular for special occasions.

How to style: Apply a styling gel to damp hair. Use a fine-tooth comb to create S-shaped waves, and let your hair dry.

The Mullet

The mullet, well-known as the “business in the front, party in the back” hairstyle of the 80s, is making a comeback with modern twists.

How to style: Keep the hair short at the front and sides, and longer in the back. Use a texturizing spray to add volume and a tough of messiness.

Here's a summary of the hairstyles we've discussed:

Hairstyle Era Styling Tips
The Bob Cut 1920s Use a round brush for a smooth finish
Victory Rolls 1940s Use hairspray and pins for hold
The Beehive 1960s Back-comb for volume
The Shag 1970s Tousle for a messy finish
Finger Waves 1920s Use gel and a fine-tooth comb
The Mullet 1980s Use a texturizing spray for volume

Whether you're attending a themed party or simply want to try something new, these vintage hairstyles offer a stylish blast from the past. Don't be afraid to experiment and add your own modern twists.

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